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For Your Safety Against
Fires and Electrical
Failures We Offer

Thermal Scanning
Preventative Maintenance

CPE Electric LLC prepares Infrared Thermography
reports that provide detailed information and insight on
electrical issues before they turn into major problems.
Infrared Thermography can be a time saving approach
to a preventative maintenance program. When used in
conjunction with other diagnostic tools, Infrared
Thermography can help in preventing major electrical
problems. Not all electrical problems can be detected
with Infrared Thermography alone.

Thermography Reports

The images that are present in the Thermography
reports are produced to show the difference in heat
between two objects with emissivity rated as close to
.95 as possible. A rise between two objects under the
same load outside the parameters in the report is
known as a "hot spot". The reports are generated in the
hot spots in question should then be analyzed further,
taking into consideration the difference in temperature
between the two objects under the same load.

Color Temperatures

The different colored cursors on the images indicate
different temperatures based on the color of the cursor,
the component being tested and reference values.
Infrared Thermography becomes a sneak peak into
electrical components to determine if they are within
operating temperature tolerances. If not, this becomes
a flag for further diagnostics, all in an effort to catch
electrical failures before they become major problems
or safety concerns.
Thermal Imaging Surveys are non-invasive and non-destructive, allowing
the imaging survey to be completed while plant and equipment is running,
in production and on load.

Thermal Imaging Surveys are real time and produce fast, accurate and
immediate temperature measurement and fault detection.

Thermal Imaging assists businesses in complying with Federal, State and
Local electrical maintenance regulations and ordinances.

Thermal Imaging assists businesses in complying with insurance
requirements and complements their existing risk avoidance measures.

Thermal Imaging can be incorporated into existing predictive and
preventative maintenance programs.

Thermal Imaging increases energy efficiency, capital equipment lifespan
and safety by reducing the risk of fire.